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Daenerys’ Dragons  → Drogon

Drogon, the largest and most agressive of the three, is believed to be the reincarnation of Balerion the Black Dread, but Daenerys decides to give him a new name for his new life. Drogon’s scales are black, his horns and spinal plates are blood red, and his eyes are smoldering red pits. Drogon’s flame is black fire shot with red and the wash of its heat can be felt 30 feet away. His wing flap sounds like the clap of thunder.

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I Want My Nerd HQ

Zachary Levi and the Nerd Machine family need your help to fund Nerd HQ 2014! Nerd HQ is a free experience for fans during the weekend of SDCC to test out the newest video games, gadgets, and tech, as well as give fans the opportunity to attend celebrity conversation panels (which Zac livestreams), photo-ops and signing-ops. In addition, funds raised during this event are contributed to the charity, Operation Smile.

Typically, they fund the event solely through Sponsorships, but last year it didn’t work out and essentially almost ended Nerd HQ. If you can spare $5 to this campaign that would be amazing, but if not, then don’t worry at all. You can show your support by spreading the word for this wonderful cause :D


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what the fuck is thuis.w aht does it mean

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